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Month: November, 2013


In the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers wrote that “We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  By endowmwnt it means a gift, that we are provided and equipted with abilities,  talents and intelligence. By inalienable it means that these gifts are  inherent in what it means to be a human being and that it can’t be taken away.  We are given the gift of life, we are given free choice or free will to pursue happiness in any way we wish within the law that in a democracy should represent the will of the people.  By using the term “Creator” it means that no one name of god or brand of religion shall dominate, that we have the freedom to worship as we choose, or to not worship in any particular way.  For these freedoms alone we should be thankful, and although democracy is an imperfect work in progress, we should be further thankful that we have the opportunity to participate with our brothers and sisters in the pursuit of building a peaceful and sustainable future that works for everyone.  We all have an inherent calling to develop our talents and gifts and to be of service to humanity and our planet.  True happiness comes when we serve a cause greater than ourselves.  For this pursuit of happiness let us us cultivate thankfulness, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.  Have a blessed and most fulfilling Thanksgiving.


Failure is Fertilizer

The creative attitude accepts and allows for failure, is unafraid of risk, of making mistakes and sees that all experience gives lessons in the path of learning, accomplishment and growth.

Sometimes events that are the most painful are the most fertile for growth. We learn to dig these experiences into the soil of our lives so that they enrich us as fertilizer,  rather than detracting  or leaving us feeling victimized or less by the sense of failure.

Learning to embrace failure, rather than fear failure is a key component to any successful creative endeavor.

Fear can be a friend, as we learn to channel the fearful energy into a constructive possible solution, rather than attention-filled reactivity. The creative attitude sees fear as the challenger; keeping us alert, on our toes and engaged.

We are here to grow into our fulfillment. All our past experiences enrich and teach us. When we see failure as fertilizer,  teaching us and bringing us to greater understandings and success, we also see our inspiration comes from the whole of our experience which includes failure.  Accepting failure is a necessary ingredient in the creative process.

Creativity is about discovery, not playing it safe. Creativity is about exploration and improvisation. Creativity is about working with and through obstacles, challenges and failures. Creativity is about allowing our inspiration to lead us onward to the fulfillment and flowering of our lives.


I wait
a single sentry at a distant outpost
scanning the open land
perched on the edge of myself
a lifetime traveled to be here
each breath dying in the mist
searching for a sign, a word
a point of contact
with you
mysterious inspiration

My heartbeats echo in the wind
thoughts dissolve into silence
I see shadows move
colors converge
images emerge
as the artist approaches the canvas

Thrusting brushstrokes across the landscape
sculpting form from dust
the path opens
and awaits my footsteps
risking the unknown
I go forward on faith
anticipating your call
your guidance through the terrain
bridging the distance between us
You in your eternal ambient disguise
me in my flesh and blood
seeking a passage, a channel
that finally discloses you to me

I dissolve in your palette
fulfilling my desire
to release myself
to lose myself
to surrender 
serving your intentions
mysterious inspiration



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It is love that comes in the moments of despair,
opens the heart and renews strength
and brings compassion,
wisdom and faith.

It is love that knows and feels
the depths of suffering
and suffers with us.

It is love that releases suffering.
It is love that releases bondage.
It is love that heals the deepest wounds.
It is love that calls for compassion.
It is love that asks forgiveness.

It is love that calls the soul
to open heart,
open mind
and be free.

It is love that brings surrender and release.

It is love that lifts the soul
beyond the limited self and bonds it
to the universal soul of oneness.

— Excerpted from “The Art of Peace.”

Stay tuned for more!