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Month: December, 2013

Basketball Scene

Here’s what people are saying about my new CD, Basketball Scene:

“I started playing organized basketball in my late teens. The first thing I did was go into LA and play pickup basketball every Saturday morning.
I believe Stephen Fiske has captured the essence of the real sport, basketball without referees, in Basketball Scene. He takes me back to “the day,” and it’s a wonderful experience. Thank you, Stephen. “

-Swen Nater; NBA, ABA, UCLA Player (John Wooden)


“Basketball Scene is a spot-on portrayal of pick-up basketball characters who will be recognized by all who play the game. The title cut “Basketball Scene” as well as “Old School” and “Lady of the Court” are my favorites. A must-have for anyone who’s ever played pick-up basketball.”

-Roger Trammell; LAUSD Teacher, Basketball Player


“Brilliant! Love the groove you got going with Basketball Scene and the lyrics of Heart of the Game are so inspiring..beautiful stuff..this is something that can stir the soul, allow people to go deeper in the spirit and heart of the awesome “hoops” game.”

-Brian Hilliard; Former Oregon State player, Writer’s Coach


“Stephen’s latest release, “Basketball Scene”, is the biography of all of those who have aspired to succeed in basketball.  The lyrics that he chose to create this album are right on time and the music is at the rhythm in which the basketball players play.  Thank you Stephen for including all of us in your album.  Continued success in both basketball and your music career.
-Robert Scotlan; Player Coach of Oakland’s Finest Basketball Team



Does stream define the bed
or bed define the stream?
Does dream define the person
or the person define the dream?
Does mind control the senses
or are senses to the mind
like streams that flow to rivers
an ocean soon to find?
Are oceans unconnected
to the source where starts the stream?
Is mind an unconnected source
from whence appears a dream?
Or are we really aiming
like raindrops towards the ground
delivered from a higher source
to nurture what we’ve found?