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Month: January, 2014

Close Guantánamo

“Close Guantánamo” Vigil and March, Santa Monica – January 11, 2014
Performing song, “Close Guantanamo,” sung to the melody of “Guantanamera.”
Words by Stephen L. Fiske.
The 12th year anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo prison and the human rights violation it represents; including torture, detention without charge, unfair trials, Islamophobia, and impunity for crimes by the U.S. Government officials.

Stay tuned for the music video soon to come…

“Close Guantanamo” Lyrics


On this beautiful island
Where the shore meets the shimmering sea
There is a nightmare upon us
A deep plague on our humanity
A house of torture, of cruelty and pain
Which every day brings the USA shame

Chorus: We’ve got to close Guantanamo, we’ve got to close Guantanamo
Close Guantanamo, we’ve got to close Guantanamo

Detainees held without charges
In a legal black hole to plead for their plight
Locked in indefinite detention
In violation of all human rights
In violation of international law
In violation of all conventions of war

(repeat chorus)

2.7 million dollars per detainee
454 million cost annually
taxpayers bilked for the spending
to see the war machine run without ending
only making our longest war longer
only inciting the hate to get stronger

(repeat chorus)


Stepping Into the New

Every day we step into the new.  This day has never happened before. Every day is a new opportunity to to grow, to learn, to create, to blossom and to serve. The universe moves in a continuum of infinite variables. Change is inevitable. Life is a flow of unending adjustments.

Why should we limit ourselves by restrictive mindsets that keep us stuck in old patterns that no longer serve us in an ever-changing new reality?

Change can be traumatic, as deeply entrenched beliefs, embedded systemic structures, and long-held addictive pathologies are uprooted. Change never comes easily as the old clings and fights for its survival and the new clings and fights for its arrival. Only through embracing change can we step into the new. Change implies risk and nothing great ever is achieved without a degree of risk. When we risk, we step into the new. Let us embrace risk, let us embrace our fears.

For every mindset, belief system and behavioral pattern we find ourselves framed in, we must have an exit strategy where we step into new territory and place ourselves in situations where we can expand our consciousness and find new challenges, new horizons where we express ourselves creatively for positive change benefiting the long-term good of the whole.