The Climb To Higher Consciousness

by Stephen Longfellow Fiske

The Calling

There comes an inner impulse
A stirring of the soul
A kind of divine disturbance
A challenge of the heart
Which calls for a broader vision
A wider horizon
A deeper inquiry
A questioning of the prevailing paradigm
An unveiling of the concealed
A quest revealed
A course correction
A path selection
A choice upon deep reflection
Where the voice of guidance 
Gives undeniable direction
Calling for surrendered liberation
As an instrument of inspiration


The Climb To Higher Consciousness

We are all instruments of inspiration. To be inspired means to breathe in spirit. The question is, what do we do with that spirit? We are called to climb to a higher consciousness. It is like a divine magnetic pull, we all have it – Spirit will guide us when we are open to it. But we all don’t recognize it and act upon it. To act upon it means to enter into practices such as yoga and meditation, which lead us to that opening where spirit can guide us. The practice in yoga terms is called “Sadhana.” One can never achieve mastery without practice. A master is master of practice. There’s a great menu of practices that come from all religious and philosophical traditions. We are here like students on scholarship, and the scholarship includes breath, heartbeat, body and consciousness. The curriculum is trial and error, and the great teacher is experience. We grow through our experiences and as we tune into our higher consciousness, we learn to be of service to others and to the planet and we gain in fulfillment, love and peace.