Marianne Williamson Event on Earth Day 4/22 at The Venice Love Shack

Dear Friends,

The world of politics has been such a frustration to watch and to participate in; the partisanship, money-ruled election process, corporate lobbyists and corporate takeover, militarism, fossil fuel addiction and fracking, drone madness, surveillance infestation, economic disparity and the insanity of a fractured system taking our country in a broken direction, among many other issues; is desperately in need of new blood, new vision, and new consciousness.

Every rare once in a while, someone steps into politics who has a new and brilliant perspective, and the political savvy combined with the holistic spiritualized consciousness that must be infused into politics to really make a difference. That person is Marianne Williamson.

I have known Marianne for many years. I have seen her blossom in her career as a spiritual teacher, author, peace builder and leader in the effort to create a better world. Her rise to celebrity is a direct result of the elevated consciousness and love that she has cultivated within herself. She has attracted a huge international following and could easily stay in the comfort zone of her success.

That she has the courage to step into the nasty but vital world of politics is a testament to her commitment to make the ideals of democracy real for a nation that has strayed from the vision of our founding. She’s putting her life on the line here. AND SHE IS A WOMAN!

Marianne is coming to speak in Venice at The Venice Love Shack (2121 Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291) on Earth Day (April 22). After her talk, she will have a question and answer session. This is a good time to meet and interact with a new voice that we so vitally need.

Please see the attached flyer for details and go to Marianne’s website ( Looking forward to seeing you there!

Most Sincerely,