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Marianne Williamson Event on Earth Day 4/22 at The Venice Love Shack

Dear Friends,

The world of politics has been such a frustration to watch and to participate in; the partisanship, money-ruled election process, corporate lobbyists and corporate takeover, militarism, fossil fuel addiction and fracking, drone madness, surveillance infestation, economic disparity and the insanity of a fractured system taking our country in a broken direction, among many other issues; is desperately in need of new blood, new vision, and new consciousness.

Every rare once in a while, someone steps into politics who has a new and brilliant perspective, and the political savvy combined with the holistic spiritualized consciousness that must be infused into politics to really make a difference. That person is Marianne Williamson.

I have known Marianne for many years. I have seen her blossom in her career as a spiritual teacher, author, peace builder and leader in the effort to create a better world. Her rise to celebrity is a direct result of the elevated consciousness and love that she has cultivated within herself. She has attracted a huge international following and could easily stay in the comfort zone of her success.

That she has the courage to step into the nasty but vital world of politics is a testament to her commitment to make the ideals of democracy real for a nation that has strayed from the vision of our founding. She’s putting her life on the line here. AND SHE IS A WOMAN!

Marianne is coming to speak in Venice at The Venice Love Shack (2121 Lincoln Blvd, Venice 90291) on Earth Day (April 22). After her talk, she will have a question and answer session. This is a good time to meet and interact with a new voice that we so vitally need.

Please see the attached flyer for details and go to Marianne’s website ( Looking forward to seeing you there!

Most Sincerely,


Close Guantánamo

“Close Guantánamo” Vigil and March, Santa Monica – January 11, 2014
Performing song, “Close Guantanamo,” sung to the melody of “Guantanamera.”
Words by Stephen L. Fiske.
The 12th year anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo prison and the human rights violation it represents; including torture, detention without charge, unfair trials, Islamophobia, and impunity for crimes by the U.S. Government officials.

Stay tuned for the music video soon to come…

“Close Guantanamo” Lyrics


On this beautiful island
Where the shore meets the shimmering sea
There is a nightmare upon us
A deep plague on our humanity
A house of torture, of cruelty and pain
Which every day brings the USA shame

Chorus: We’ve got to close Guantanamo, we’ve got to close Guantanamo
Close Guantanamo, we’ve got to close Guantanamo

Detainees held without charges
In a legal black hole to plead for their plight
Locked in indefinite detention
In violation of all human rights
In violation of international law
In violation of all conventions of war

(repeat chorus)

2.7 million dollars per detainee
454 million cost annually
taxpayers bilked for the spending
to see the war machine run without ending
only making our longest war longer
only inciting the hate to get stronger

(repeat chorus)

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It is love that comes in the moments of despair,
opens the heart and renews strength
and brings compassion,
wisdom and faith.

It is love that knows and feels
the depths of suffering
and suffers with us.

It is love that releases suffering.
It is love that releases bondage.
It is love that heals the deepest wounds.
It is love that calls for compassion.
It is love that asks forgiveness.

It is love that calls the soul
to open heart,
open mind
and be free.

It is love that brings surrender and release.

It is love that lifts the soul
beyond the limited self and bonds it
to the universal soul of oneness.

— Excerpted from “The Art of Peace.”

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